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The Ambush Freedom Frame

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Enter to win an Ambush Freedom Frame!  The Ambush holds your pistol in an adjustable tray which smoothly presents forward as the frame is lifted.  Tray can be configured for right or left handed draw.  The Ambush frame has virtually seamless joinery, is hand-crafted from the finest materials and most beautiful wood grains.  It is designed for simple installation and easily mounts directly to your wall with common wood screws going into existing studs. No wall modification is required.  The Ambush will conceal a single handgun or revolver (up to a 3" barrel).

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Features and Specs

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U.S. Patent # 9,963,927 B1


The Ambush Series Freedom Frame

Specifications and Features

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Frame Your Fine Art,
Photography or Mirror

The Ambush Freedom Frame is designed to mount your very own 11x14 fine art, photography or even a mirror if you like.  Art depicted here is for representation purposes only.  You may also use a mat if you like and frame in an 8x10 layout.

Layout Options

Choose 11x14 Portrait or Landscape

The Ambush is available in either Portrait or Landscape formats.  The frame will accommodate an 8x10 (with mat) or 11x14 sized piece of art, photography or mirror. 

Felt Padding on Back of Frame

Included with the Ambush are felt pads on the back top of the frame.  These pads serve two purposes.  First, when you mount the frame, they provide padding and stability to the frame itself.  The second purpose is that they give the illusion when looking at the frame from the side that is is "hanging" on the wall as many frames do - adding to the appearance of this product being nothing more than a beautiful frame.

Overall Dimensions & Weight

Width:  21 & 3/16" *

Height: 24 & 3/16" *

Depth:  2 & 5/8"

Weight: 11.4 lbs.

* Dimensions are for portrait frame.  Simply swap width & height measurements for landscape frame.

Adjustable Lace System

The pistol drawer is designed with adjustable cord lace.  The top height of this lace is 6".  The lace can be easily adjusted downward in 1/2" increments to accommodate most sub-compact, compact, standard sized pistols, and revolvers up to a 3" barrel.

Left or Right Magnetic Draw

The pistol drawer features a steel post which secures the barrel of your pistol.  This post measures 9/32" in diameter and is easily moved between two slots to provide proper positioning of your pistol for either a right-hand or a left-hand grab.  The slot itself is magnetized, providing stability when the weapon is in the tray.

Locking Tab

A locking tab extends when the frame panel is raised in order to secure the panel in its open position as you access your pistol.

Sliding Art Panel

​This panel securely mounts your 11x14 art, photography or mirror.  The panel is designed to easily and smoothly lift upward, providing quick access to the hidden compartment within the frame which accommodates your pistol.

Frame Mounts on Wall - Simple Install

The Ambush is installed just as you would hang any heavy, high-quality frame.  You mount the frame to an existing wall stud.  You will need a minimum of (2) wood screws (one high, one low) which penetrate your wall stud at least 1 & 1/4" (screws not included).


Video - Frame in Action!



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