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The Sentinel Freedom Frame allows you to transform your displayed fine art, photography or even a mirror into a quick-access, fully hidden location for your handgun. This Sentinel is hand-crafted from only the finest wood species of your choice with the finish of your choice.

The Sentinel Freedom Frame will accommodate most standard handguns on the market including revolvers.  It also has room to accommodate a second compact or sub-compact pistol (storage only - quick access designed only from the pistol drawer).

Sentinel Freedom Frame

  • The Sentinel will conceal up to two handguns includuing revolvers.  Only compact or sub-compact pistols can be store in the secondary storage - revolvers must be stored in the pistol drawer.

    We recommend that you have a professional install the Sentinel Series Freedom Frame as it does require cutting out part of the wall covering (such as sheet rock) during installation.  If you prefer to do this on your own, step-by-step instructions are included to guide you through the process.  Mounting screws and other mounting hardware is not included. Please note that Freedom Frames LLC is not responsible for any direct or consequential damage to the frame or to the wall into which it is being installed.

    Dimensions & Weight
    Dimensions of overall frame are: 17 & 1/2" wide, 20 & 1/2" tall, and 1 & 11/16" deep.  Total depth (which includes the depth into the wall) is 5 & 3/16".  Total weight: 12.2 lbs.

    Layout Options
    The Sentinel is available in Portrait format.  The frame will accommodate an 11"x14" sized piece of art, photography or mirror or a matted 8"x10" piece of art or photography. 

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