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The Ambush Freedom Frame allows you to transform your displayed fine art, photography or even a mirror into a quick-access, fully hidden location for your handgun. This model of Ambush is hand-crafted from the finest wood grains with specific attention to the smallest detail.  

The Ambush FreedomFrame will accommodate most standard handguns on the market including revolvers up to a .357 with a 3" barrel.

Ambush Freedom Frame

  • The Ambush will conceal a single handgun. Will accommodate revolvers up to a .357 with a 3" barrel.

    The Ambush is designed for simple installation and can be easily placed on any wall with wood screws going into existing studs. No wall modification is required. Mounting screws and other mounting hardware is not included.

    Dimensions & Weight
    Dimensions of overall frame are: 23" wide, 20" tall, and 2 & 5/8" deep.  Weight: 11.4 lbs.

    Layout Options
    The Ambush is available in Landscape format. The frame will accommodate an 11"x14" sized piece of art, photography or mirror. The Ambush will also accommodate a mat for 8"x10" display.

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